Angepinnt Information for applicants (english)

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  • Information for applicants (english)

    Hello and welcome to the application area of ConSec

    Nice that you find us here.

    Here you will find information how you can apply for our company and especially what you need as a driver :)

    You can apply in the following path:

    Forum / Applications -> create a New Thread with all information we need

    Our requirements:

    • The minimum age is removed! - More information after the requirements!!
    • Teamspeak is a must! So we assume that you have the software and a suitable microphone.
    • We will check your TruckersMP ban history! We only accept people who have no grave bans (only for bans which are not older than one year).

    • Please only apply, if you have time at the weekend, because our convoy for the most part are there (Reallife goes ahead, so if you can't be there, you only must to check out the participation for the convoy).
    • A certain game experience of at least 100 hours is recommended, because we have situations with every convoy that require the driver's skill. A general knowledge of the road traffic regulations is important!

    • You should have a computer, that complies the requirements of a convoy, which is also larger, should be available (if you have too much laggs where you are not able to drive normally or you must drive as the last one, this is unfavorable for your rating).
    • In the end, you should have fun to drive ;)

    !! Special conditions for applicants under 16 years !!

    • You need at least 200 game hours in ETS2 or ATS (will be added).
    • No bans or other abnormalities in multiplayer (only for things which are not older than one year).
    • A certain Teamspeak behavior is examined before the application interview.
    • There will be a longer probationary period, which the personell department will determine according to the resprective occurrence.

    We think that these points are understandable and in the case of questions, we will be at the Teamspeak :)
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Chris // Geschäftsführung der ConSec