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    • Welcome (english)

      Welcome to the offical website of ConSec.

      Here you can find vaious things about us and our community.

      To be able to move around here you should be registered:

      Register Here

      About Us

      If you want to know what we do, you can click on the following link. There is a small presentation with our history and the growth of us.

      About Us


      If you want to apply, you can do it in our forum under application.

      Apply now

      You should read our requirements before, which you can find in the same thread here:


      Convoy Escort

      If you are from a company, you are welcome to create a convoy request, where we escort your convoy. Just follow the link below.

      Convoy Request

      General Questions

      If you have some questions, do not hestitate to contact us:

      Contact us now

      Or you can join our teamspeak:

      Teamspeak Server


      You can see our partners on the following link. these are preferred by us in matters of accompaniment.

      That means, if a convoy happens and a partner would like to have an escort at the same day, the partner will be preferred and the other is accompanied by fewer vehicles.

      You can be a partner with your organization / company / stream channel / YouTube channel by requesting this on our partner page under partner application :)



      In our gallery you can see or upload some photos about us.

      Please note that you should only upload pictures where you have the rights. Pictures of games are not affected.



      In Downloads, you will find mods and internal stuff made by us, like our profile pic, which you only can download as a ConSec driver.

      The distribution of thes files are NOT allowed - ask before, if you want to give someone a special file!



      Our Teamspeak Server is public, but there you can't do what you want!

      We also have rules that you accept at each entering and of course you should read our rules.

      If you violate one of these rules, we will provide you to kick or ban!

      If you have questions, we will help you in the support channel.

      More information you get directly at our Teamspeak.



      We also do not have unlimited money :D That means, we make this project, because we have fun and every fun needs financial mediums.

      So, if you want to support us, you are welcome to do it. You can help us with every Euro :)

      Every donation is voluntary, considering that you will not be forced ;)

      And one thing: Please turn off your adblocker for this page.

      Donate now


      So now we hope that we have solved all questions around the forum.

      If there is still something, just come to the Teamspeak :)

      We wish you much fun here ;)
      Mit freundlichen Grüßen

      Chris // Geschäftsführung der ConSec